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Performance Poetry

In the spring term we learn about performance poetry

CBBC Stars performing poems

No breathing in class

Tidy your room by Michael Rosen

I Love my mother

Fast Food by Michael Rosen

Boogie Woogie

Conversations with a two year old by Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen Rap

Ten Little Children by 3P (2016)

Ten little children
Committing a crime,
One was arrested
And then there were NINE.

Nine little children
Looking for their bait,
One fell in the water
And then there were EIGHT.

Eight little children
High up in heaven,
One tumbled down
And then there were SEVEN.

Seven little children
Picking up sticks,
One tripped up
And then there were SIX.

Six little children
Going for a dive,
One was scared
And then there were FIVE.

Five little children

Knocking on a door

One saw a dragon

And then there were FOUR.

Four little children
Eating a pea,
One threw up
And then there were THREE.

Three little children
Going to the loo,
One got stuck
And then there were TWO.

Two little children
Bathing in the sun,
One got burnt
And then there was ONE.

One little child
Being a hero,
He fell over
And then there was zero.