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Library Service: Year 3 Booklist

The School library service recommend the following books for Year 3 

1) 'Cinderalla at the vampire ball' by Laurence Anholt
Part of the seriously Silly Scary Fairy Tale series. Fun text, accompanied by illustrations which are just right for building reading confidence

2) 'No.1 Car Spotter' series by Anna Hibiscus
Set in Africa and are a delight to read.

3) 'Up for the cup' by Simon Bartram
A must for all football fans as the author has packed in so much to see in the illustrations

4) 'Knightmare Damsel Disaster' by Peter Bentley
Cedric the beginner knight has to train a guard dog for Sir Percival, with interesting results. Very funny!

5) 'Petbots' series by Judy Brown
Good series for those wanting slightly longer chapter books. Three robot pets find a home in a school.

6) 'Boyface' series by James Campbell
For all Mr Gum fans this is another zany series about a 10 year old boy. Never a dull moment in these books

7) 'How to train your dragon' series by Cressida Cowell
Meet the dragon-flying Vikings as their greatest leader Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III recounts his teenage years when he learnt to become a great leader. 

8) 'Pea's Book of Holidays' by Susie Day
This series follows the adventures of Pea (II) and her sisters as they move house, go on holiday, etc. Mum is a famous author. A very likeable and appealing character.

9) 'The Day the Crayons Quit' by Drew Daywalt - one of Mrs Pollock's favourite children's books!
The crayons are on strike as they are fed up being used to draw the same characters. Read the letters from the colourful crayons and see if you agree with them!

An extension of Lear's classic poem by one of today's favourite authors

11) 'Here be Monsters' by Jonathan Emmett
Great suspense as the pirate captain continues on his journey to capture the treasure, no matter the dragons that lie in wait. Are you brave enough to follow?

These books are published by the dylexia publisher, Barrington Stoke and are aimed at 6-8 year old readers. 

13) 'Fortunately the milk' by Neil Gaiman
Fantasy story written by this award winning author. Dad goes out to get the milk and is gone a long time. On his return, he tells this fantastic story about why he was so long. Do you believe him? 

14) 'Eliza Bloom's Dairy' series by Emily Gale
An inventor and trainee spy is always busy. Follow her in these wacky adventures

15) 'Maisie Mae' series by Poppy Harper
Maisie Mae has 5 brothers and these stories are about her family life

16) 'Mortimer Keene' series by Tim Healey
A great series about an 8 year old inventor

17) 'My funny Family' series by Chris Higgins
Meet Hattie, a natural born worrier who has lists for everything

18) 'How big is 43 Qunitillion?' by Lynn Huggins-Cooper
Fascinating maths book. Presented in a magazine format. It helps the understanding of big numbers by relating them to everyday situations

19) 'The Shark-Headed Bear-Thing' by Barry Hutchinson
Totally bizarre adventures full of scary and humorous moments

20) 'A friend in need' by Julia Jarman
The stories in this series are written from the different viewpoints of the three friends. Who do you agree with?

21) 'Winters Child' by Angela McAllister
A magical tale. The boy plays with the child that brings winter and they don't want to stop as they are having such fun. But the wood is running out and Spring needs to come to the earth. Will he be brave enough to say goodbye?

22) 'Superhero School' series by Alan Macdonald
Set in a school for trainee superheroes, these stories are full of fun and adventure

An alternative version of Rapunzel, told in rhyming text. In this story, she discovers the public library and has no need to rely on a prince!

24) 'Borgon the Axeboy' by Kjartan Poskitt
Indiana Jones style adventurer. Filled with humour and fun

25) 'Cakes in Space' by Phillip Reeve
Killer cakes on the loose in space.

26) 'Boy in a Tutu' series by Kate Scott
Under cover spies have to give up a lot as this young lad discovers. In this series, he has to become a girl, as well as catching criminals

27) 'Creature Teacher' Series by Sam Watkins
Mr Hyde, the best teacher ever turns into a monster when he is upset. In the following adventures the children are trying to keep this knowledge away from the head teacher

Pacey reads:

28) 'Lulu and the Caterpillars' by Hilary McKay
The Lulu series are lovely multicultural stories. Lulu loves animals and is keen for a pet, so she adopts some caterpillars she finds on nettles in the garden

An alternative to the Midas touch