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Books for Year 3 children

The School Library Service recommend the following books for children to read before Year 3, however, reading them during Year 3 is something that Mrs Pollock recommends, if they haven't already been read before!


Violet and her friend Rose decide to stage a pocket protest to prevent an oak tree being cut down. A story of friendship and determination.

Pandora's granny is a witch which means anything can happen. In this book, they visit a museum, go to a pet show and create chaos at Christmas.

Joe's new class project is all about pets, but animals aren't allowed in his house. So when Joe starts to invent a pet, his imagination turns wild.

Ellen has a shock when Princess Mirror-Belle jumps out of the mirror and is an exact copy of Ellen. But Mirror-Belle is not quite so well behaved.

Matilda discovers a treasure map inside an  old bottle and the Jolley-Rogers set sail to find the mysterious island but end up with more than they bargained for.

A wonderful picture book of T.S Eliot's poem about Skimbleshanks the railway cat. Perfect for reading aloud and sharing.

Cat tries to read the classic tale of Red Riding Hood but is hindered by Dog, who constantly interrupts with questions about red capes, superheroes and special powers!

Sam has an ambition to be a noble knight, but whilst his parents are away he is packed off to the castle next door, where he meets some unusual creatures.

Winter is coming and Pod, Pim and Little Nut need to move home, but the journey is dangerous. A short chapter book set in the world of Stone Age chaos.

Caspar gets a new scooter for his birthday! He soon finds out it's not just any scooter, but one with magical, time-travelling powers.

Star is in training at the Puppy Academy and not doing very well. But then a storm provides an opportunity for her to finally shine.

Kassy's pony, Honey, is taken to war against the invading Romans. A challenging first hand account of a child's life in Ancient Britain - we will read this in school when we study the Romans in the summer term.

Charlie, with the help of his friend, Henry, develops ways to remove his wobbly teeth ahead of schedule. A hilarious story of mischief and mayhem.

Wilf has a new neighbour who wants to destroy the world. A very funny, over the top story in which Wilf has to save the planet with only sister Dot and woodlouse Stuart to help him.

A little girl finds a strange beast in the woods and takes him home, but there are always two sides to the story. A charming tale from two different points of view.

A funny, satisfying story for emerging readers about a very busy, forgetful family - but will they remember to feed the cat?!

A little girl and her mother have a day trip to London and see many famous sites. Ideal if you are planning a trip in the near future, or have have been already.

Another exciting adventure with Sir Charlie Stinky-Socks, his cat Envelope and his good grey mare. Rhythmical text tells of his adventures in the deep, dark forest and the creatures he meets on the way.

An exciting story in which a small chinchilla has to discover what happened when Auntie Iris went to put the rubbish out and failed to return. Have her unusual neighbours got anything to do with the disappearance?

The hapless Pilchard-Brown penguin family somehow end up at the North Pole. Mr White, the polar bear, has to help them find their way back home, visiting lots of places on the way.