Helping with Maths at Home - Helpful hints for our wonderful parents

Dear parents,

As we teach the children mathematical methods, we will share these with you. Please use these methods (and not the ones we were all taught when we were at school many moons ago). The information will be sent home to you during the school year. As and when we do so, copies will be uploaded to this page too.

Look for numbers in the environment
Add number apparatus to your child’s toy collection
Play games that depend on counting and calculation
Watch and play sports that involve scoring, timing, measuring, counting
Invest in a range of maths puzzle books
Look for patterns and shapes on floors, wallpaper, plants, animals, buildings etc.
Shop using money and calculate change
Cook or make things together that involve measuring, and enjoy the result

Most important ways to help:

Help them to learn their tables

Practise number bonds regularly

Help them to tell the time

Use correct vocabulary - e.g. 'ones' and not 'units'; 'calculations' and not 'sums'

Ask them what they are doing at school

Get them to show you the methods they are using
- Please don’t confuse them if your methods are different to the ones we use in school!

catherine Pollock,
20 Dec 2016, 16:23