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Autumn Term

Fruit Raps

In this first musical topic of the juniors, children are introduced to musical notation, through fun mnemonics using different fruit names. This links to our 'Fruit-tastic' art topic.

We also learn a part song and develop pitch and tone while singing in a round.

Children will use their knowledge of different note values to create their own group compositions, or 'fruit raps'.

Spring Term

French Songs

To link with our Geography topic of France, children learn to sing and play 2 different traditional French songs.

They look at the structure of the songs, and experiment with creating and playing variations of them.

Finally, they use a composing program to create their own compositions, inspired by the French song of their choice.

Summer Term

Roman Marching Songs

We begin this unit by learning a song about Roman life, which the children eventually perform along with actions.

They then go on to listen to and analyse a piece by Karl Jenkins, which then leads on to composing and performing their own Roman marching music, using mnemonics to help them notate the rhythms.

Rock Music

Children are introduced to some of the different elements that music is made up of (texture, timbre, duration, pitch and dynamics) through listening to a range of different rock songs.

They will also learn how to play a range of different percussion instruments, creating different rhythms and sounds in a variety of games, activities and songs.

Groups work towards creating their own rock songs, using the elements of music they have learnt about.

French Composer Study

In this listening and understanding unit, children find out about the French composer Camille Saint-Saens, and how he fits into musical history.

They listen to and analyse different symphonic poems, thinking about the images evoked by the music and the techniques used by the composer.


This time we learn a song about Boudicca and the battle with the Romans. This is then developed further into a performance piece, with soloists, drummers and various other percussion instruments. 

To end this unit, the year three classes come together to watch each class perform.
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